Arqiva is a British telecommunications company which provides infrastructure, broadcast transmission and smart meter facilities in the UK. We designed several projects for them for their smart meter offering, across graphic and website design, such as brochures / ebooks, web landing pages, icon sets and social media banners.

Product brochure graphic design

The brief was to design an informative and accessible product brochure in ebook PDF and A4 printed format for the smart water metering and utilities side of the campaign. Working with the provided copy, we created an engaging brochure that outlines Arqiva’s smart water metering solutions whilst increasing their brand awareness and positioning them as the market leader.

Ebook design for Arqiva
Brochure design for Arqiva
Ebook design for Arqiva

Website Design – Landing pages

As part of the smart water metering campaign we designed a bespoke website landing page.

Graphic and website design for Arqiva
Website design for Arqiva
Website design for Arqiva
Website design for Arqiva

Product logos and icon design

Based on their existing logo Arqplex, Arqiva wanted to develop two additional logos to be used in collateral for their other two hero products (Arqade and Arqedge). The three logos had to sit together as a trio so needed to have synergy between them, with the same visual identity applied to ensure cohesion moving forward.

We were also tasked with developing bespoke icons for each of these product pillars that could be used across collateral.

Product logos and icon design for Arqiva

Social media campaigns

We designed various banners for Arqiva’s LinkedIn social media campaign for broadcast, video distribution and OTT operations.

Social ads design for Arqiva
Social ads design for Arqiva

With thanks

To the ReallyB2B team for providing clear briefs and great copy.